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dancerqt0284's Journal

7 August 1984
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*nsync, 80s movies, 97x, adam sandler, aerosmith, alternative music, arby's, art, backstreet boys, bella swan, blinkies, blue eyes, board games, bowling, boy meets world, bryan adams, burger king, butterflies, butterfly kisses, care bears, cds, center stage, cheeseburgers, chicken, chicken mcnuggets, christmas, cirque du soleil, concerts, crossword puzzles, cuddling, dance, dance dance revolution, dancing, dane cook, dark-haired boys, dawsons creek, disney, disney world, disneyquest, dogs, drawing, dvds, edward cullen, evanescence, even stevens, fast food junkie, finding nemo, fountains of wayne, freddie prinze jr, french fries, friends, fun, going to the movies, good charlotte, guys, harry potter, harry potter tcg, harvest moon, hoobastank, hugging, hugs, identity, inside jokes, jacob black, jena malone, jimmy eat world, julia roberts, julia stiles, kate hudson, katherine applegate books, kingdom hearts, kisses, kissing, linkin park, lit, lonestar, love letters, lurlene mcdaniel, mandy moore, maroon 5, mcdonalds, mitsubishi eclipse, movies, music, myspace, nes, new found glory, nintendo, not being bored, only you, orlando bloom, painting, pikmin, pixar, pizza, playstation, pogo, procrastinating, prom, punk rock, rascal flatts, resse witherspoon, robert downey jr., robin williams, roller coaster tycoon, roller coasters, romance, ryan phillipe, saved by the bell, saved!, sex and the city, shopping, sims, something corporate, story of the year, subway, switchfoot, target, the ataris, the terminal, the wedding planner, titanic, tv, twilight, usf, vertical horizon, video games, watching movies, wendy's, wendy's croutons, wes, whose line, zelda